Monday, February 21, 2011

32|365 eighty pictures for one keeper joy

I took my kids, all 3 of them, out to get some nice group pictures. I came prepared with my bribes--marshmallows, Phineas and Ferb fruit snacks and a trip to the park afterward. Maybe for normal kids this would be more than enough. Some kids don't even need bribes. Make no mistake. These are NOT normal kids. Well, see for yourself in the "gag reel" below. The keeper is the last one (Black and White).

So it was about this time that I decided to take the baby out of the mix thinking it might help the situation. Here's what followed.

Goofy and his brother Fake Smile

Cheesy and his brother Fake Smile

Who tooted?

gray and white
I'll take that one.

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